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The difference is Pederson is receiving credit Switzer never did.Whereas Switzer delegated most of his authority to his two coordinators, Pederson calls plays for Philadelphia’s offense, and has pulled off what is widely considered to be a marvelous adjustment with backup-turned-starting quarterback Nick Foles. If he wins that award, it would be difficult for anyone to argue he does not deserve it.In fact, the Patriots quarterback has been sacked 16 times through the first five weeks which already shoots past his season total for the amount of times he was brought down in all of 2016.Because of the offensive line's apparent struggles to keep Brady upright, former Patriots assistant and current member of the The Ringer Michael Lombardi has concerns if he'll be able to hold up through the course of the season.Philadelphia’s Doug Pederson, likewise, will receive immense credit if the Eagles pull off the upset, and why not?Not only did he lose his Most Valuable Player-candidate quarterback for the season last month, he also weathered the loss of a Hall of Fame-caliber left tackle and a starting linebacker.But nobody saw it that way in 1996, when the Dallas Cowboys beat Pittsburgh while proving Switzer, Jerry Jones and the assembled media right.