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In late February 2000 I went to Russia to spend another week with her. I have since learned that when she was telling me that she loved me she was running new ads in other web sites. They said that she has been in touch with almost 1,000 western men. I like your photo and what you wrote, you can see my photo here: - I cannot send it with this mail here ;-( Write to me if you like the photo!

Elena writes pretty good English, interspersed with smiles ;-))), and has a good vocabulary of colloquial English. She requested $350 for visa and all throughout her e-mail letters she talked about love and trust. Her name is Irina Gavaga at Gugari, 32-56, Ijevsk, Udmurt.Thanks, Too embarrassed to say I am an American widower who in September 1999 met a very beautiful Russian woman through a web site. I live very far from you - in Kopeisk, little city in the middle of Russia!

I paid for her to travel to Rome where we spent a week. The lady is Julia Morozova of Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russia. I have filed criminal charges with the FBI against Julia Morozova of Kolomna, Russia for fraud. She is "working" a sizeable number of western men for gifts, money, travel -- she is beautiful but has the heart of a whore. I placed my ad too but nobody writes me because the ad did not appear - so I started looking through ads too.

So I thought I would pass this information on in the hopes of drying up their list of available men - I mean income.

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    I love your "black list" page. Although I have never heard of your agency, you've won my support and I will start to actively use it. I have actually across a couple of the women on this site, so it hit close to home although I didn't send them the money they asked for.…
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    We are excited about applying our "Singles Tour" concept to Volgograd and are confident that, as in Yalta, it will prove to be an overwhelming success! We will introduce you to the hundreds of beautiful, sincere, women who have joined our service in Volgograd with the hopes of finding that one special person with whom.…