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The move to a new IT system was responsible for the surge in complaints seen in 2015, and while the number of grievances has dropped steadily since December 2015, by the end of September 2016 they were still generating three times the industry average number of complaints: Been with Vodafone since 2001, never had any problems regarding signal etc.The only problem has been with the online account service, it was 1st class until about 3 years ago then it was dire.The "Boost" function allows users to prioritise the wi-fi connection to a particular device for up to 12 hours at a time - useful for seamless streaming media on a tablet, or for downloading content to our phone before leaving the house."Beam", promises to focus the wi-fi signal to particular areas of the house, apparently helping combat not-spots that other wireless signals would find hard to reach.Outside inclusive call periods, customers can expect to pay a 19p connection fee, then 11.5p per minute for calls to UK landlines and 13p per minute for calls to UK mobiles.Calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers are made up of two charges: the service charge, levied by the organisation we're calling, and the access charge, which is set by our landline provider: Vodafone's access charge is 11p per minute For those who want to call further afield, there's a third package available: International 300 gives users 300 minutes of calls to about 45 destinations; calls can also be made to mobiles in some countries, including Canada and the US, China, and India.Landlines that come with inclusive calls are becoming something of a rarity - and given that Vodafone are primarily a mobile network provider, we shouldn't be surprised that they don't bundle any call with their fixed line phone service.

Vodafone broadband is down tonight with hundreds of customers currently unable to access the internet.However, young smartphone owners should be taught the basics of digital security, safety and etiquette to help them get the most from their devices.But they've also been selling fixed line broadband to those customers since June 2015 - and to the wider UK population since September of that year. In this review we'll compare their home broadband deals with those of their rivals, consider how no line rental affects their fibre deals - and their home phone - and take a look at what appears to be a cleverer than usual router, rounding off by considering customer service.Assuming Vodafone are available to them, customers will get one of Vodafone's "advanced" routers.

As well as providing a dual band wireless signal using the 820.11ac protocol - the fastest currently available - it can be made to focus its attention on certain devices or areas of the home.

Last August Vodafone caused a small degree of fuss by announcing that they were scrapping line rental for their fibre customers.

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