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(Repair is rarely needed.) In each case, you need to close Outlook first. Deselect Calendar and Contact sync in the i Cloud control panel, Apply, then re-enable it. Sign out of the i Cloud in the i Cloud control panel, then sign back in. Repair the Outlook installation in Control panel, Programs and Features.After rebooting the computer, everything should show up in Outlook again.i Cloud & Outlook Calendar issues are at i Cloud and Outlook Calendar Sync Issues and Contact issues are at i Cloud and Outlook Contact Sync Issues.i Cloud 2 users should check Outlook and i Cloud 2: What you need to know and Outlook and i Cloud: default data files Users with POP3 accounts seem to have the most problems (but could benefit the most from i Cloud), since the data is local to one computer.There are three solutions, listed in the order of use.If the first one doesn't fix it, move on to the next one.After installing the i Cloud service (either as part of i Tunes or standalone), you need to configure it using the i Cloud control panel.Although you will see i Cloud listed as a data file option in Outlook, you need to use the i Cloud service to add the data file and configure the service. You cannot add a i Cloud data file using Outlook's Account Settings, Data files, Add.

The data file created by i Cloud 2 (i OS6) can be set as the default data file if you use a POP3 account. When i Cloud is set as default and you use an IMAP account, you can't send email.

(To set up the email account manually, see Configuring Me accounts, below.) In current versions of i Cloud you'll sync calendar, contacts, tasks, along with email if you are using an or account.

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