Updating college application

We review grades, standardized test scores, and evaluations by a counselor and two teachers to determine academic strength.The admissions committee then factors in student qualities such as motivation, curiosity, energy, leadership ability, and distinctive talents.The only sections which can be updated are: If you have any updates which need to be made to other sections of your application, you must submit these updates directly to your OT programs.You CAN make updates to your coursework section for newly completed or planned courses using a system called Academic Update.Using this system requires the following: After submitting, you cannot make any updates to your coursework section until your application is in the “Verified” status.Academic Update is intended to allow you to change your previously planned/in-progress courses to completed and self-report your grades for this work. The system will NOT allow you to go back and edit previously verified terms or add in terms you forgot to report from past years (i.e.

Once your application status is “verified,” navigate to the “Transcript Entry” section.

Ultimately, our goal is to build an extraordinary freshman class.