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Whatever your needs may be, rest assured that our staff and management will do all they can to ensure they are surpassed.TIRUPUR: A Couple from Kathirkambam in Puducherry, Rajagopal (37) and Anitha (32) (names changed), committed suicide in Tirupur on Sunday, depressed over their 16-year-old daughter being raped by a boy with whom she was in a relationship.The names can be chosen based on the rules of numerology. While naming there are certain essential principles.

Nature consists of Panchabhutam, the five elements – Akasham or Sky, Vaayu or Air, Agni or Fire, Bhumi or Earth and Jalam or Water The shastras or the ancient Indian texts on science tell us that cosmic energy has a specific influence on living beings.Five elements reside in nature in specific proportions.Vasthu Shastra involves the alignment of these five basic elements according to the law of nature. The advice inspired me to get with the program and make headway with positive changes.Thank you for your excellent service and personalized attention. I received my Numeric Yanthra and my Yanthra Garments. Thanks a lot for providing information on the Numbers. After I changed my last name, like you recommended, I am making up to 6 figures just from playing blackjack every month. My experience with you was very positive and the report you made continues to fascinate me.

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    Oct 16, 2017. The eldest, a Class 12 student, was recently raped by a boy she had been dating. The family had lodged a complaint with the Korimedu police in Puducherry and the boy was arrested under the The Protection of Children From Sexual Offences POCSO Act. Nevertheless, the couple were in extreme mental.…