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Is the whole notion of evergreen content undermined by dates that gradually erode the value many readers place upon it? As a writer, I constantly use the internet for research.Therefore, it has become a habit for me to always look for the date on a post or article before reading, or even before clicking through from the search engine results.Of course there is no guarantee that you will find Mr. It takes time and patience and a healthy sense of humor to be out there dating, regardless of your age.One thing I can guarantee is that you will have fun and an endless supply of funny dating stories to tell your friends.We will be taking a critical look at ourselves to determine what we are looking for in a relationship, how to overcome our insecurities, and how to build self-confidence before venturing into the world of dating.I look forward to hearing your feedback and sharing in your personal journeys as well!

So if I’m still in the game at this late date, you can be too. In order to do that, you have to get past that first hurdle, which is deciding that taking some risks is part of life.After talking to many senior women, I began to realize that there was a real need to talk about senior dating and how to pursue relationships later in life.Not many people are talking about it in a really authentic way and as a result, senior women are wary of exploring new relationships after being divorced or widowed.CAVEAT: Daters may want to trust but verify A survey done earlier this year for student loan company So Fi found 24% of respondents said a date or partner had lied to them about how much debt they carried.

Sometimes, we might think our best content deserves a bunch of flowers, a reasonably-priced pasta, and a glass of chardonnay at the local Italian bistro.

Seven years ago, my husband passed away and I found myself living alone.