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The best whiteboarding apps on the market satisfy a few conditions: Many tutors find it useful to record sessions with students, so that the student can review the lesson later on.It’s also a great way to self-critique your own teaching methods, and make improvements.Both Skype and Google Hangouts (free for unlimited use, though Skype offers a premium plan for group calling) are mature products that work well and provide most of the same features: free 1–1 video or voice calls, screen sharing, file sharing and chat.With the launch of Google Hangouts On-Air, it’s now possible to schedule a free group session in advance, which will be recorded and available after the session for students to re-watch.No, now educators can take their skills online to expand their scope of their lessons to teach countless people how to speak the language they've always dreamed of speaking.A recent article in discusses the unlimited potential for language studies using the web as a primary medium.The article in particular discusses the success of the online teaching community called The Khan Academy, which has taught lessons to nearly 200 million users on subjects ranging from college biology to English language.The secret to success for online educational enterprises such as The Khan Academy is the level of engagement that they're able to achieve with users through an appealing interface and straightforward teaching methods.

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Nancy writes about topics pertaining to higher education and the impact of digital technology on today's classroom.The good news is, problems like these can be solved in a variety of ways, from modifying your teaching approach to using new tools and software that help you get the job done.Let’s walk through the software setup we at Coach recommend for the online tutor’s toolbelt.article also discusses how entire startup companies are being founded for the sole purpose of teaching English and other languages.

It's a trend that's gained quite a bit of momentum in offerings like Colingo and Verbling.

The article mentions that there's a surprising similarity between many of these startups that try to corner the ESL education market: they want to use video chatting as a primary means of education.

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