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We were able to discuss many areas of importance with regard to Legacy, as well as their visit to our members in Myanmar for Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread.They came to help out Leon at this time, since we were not able to go to Myanmar ourselves.Writing on the computer is still very tiring, but improving.

It is a home therapy tool designed to help one retrain your brain, and was designed specifically to help people with a neurologic injury for improving strength and dexterity.He is reading more out loud to our secretaries who help with physical therapy.He is reading a Bible story book; and when the secretaries ask questions, he explains the stories to them. Leon is even getting excited about doing this, because our secretaries are Buddhist and they are learning something about the Bible.We truly felt in our conversations that we are all of the one body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray for their visit into the jungle and that God keeps the weather cool and gives them the strength and health they will need throughout their stay.

Please pray that this will help Herb make progress in becoming mobile again.