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What the f**k.'On the other end of the spectrum, John - who is on the show for a second time after failing to find love with Deb last season - was getting along swimmingly with his new match Melissa.Opening up about his previous rejection, John told his wife: 'I don't want to bag Deb but it was hard.'He continued: 'I couldn't do anything right and I think she delighted in me not doing anything right.But it was one relationship from Blair's past in particular that threatened to extinguish any romantic sparks before they even had a chance to properly ignite.While Sean confessed to sleeping with 'over 200' people, Blair admitted her friend had nicknamed her Blair Rabbit 'because I have a lot of sex'.

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• Why would Jenny choose to entertain her new hipster boyfriend at the van der Woodsens’ apartment instead of the Humphreys’ Brooklyn loft? ” In addition to being annoyingly meaningless, we think maybe this verged on incredibly offensive. • We’re not really okay with the killer from being in that T-Mobile commercial. He wraps up with a “Watch your back, old man,” to his cousin. Minus 2 for Nate being angrier at his grandfather than his father, the actual crook.It's really hard to figure out where we're heading.' Also having issues were Troy and Ashley, who have been affectionately dubbed 'Trashley' by fans on social media.Ashley was left scratching her head during the honeymoon over her husband's odd behaviour.There has been drama aplenty in Married At First Sight this week and it showed no signs of slowing down on Tuesday's episode.

Sean and Blair became the latest strangers to walk down the aisle, with their equally high libidos being the main reason the experts had matched the pair.

You have to sign all kinds of papers, and file stuff back in the … Minus 10 for this as a plot device, and if they plan to drag it into the next episode we hope they have a good explanation. In television and movies, characters with this feature are always villains.

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