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"There is no financial link." Several Gloria Jean's franchisees are also Hillsong devotees. we both go to the church and have done for a long time," Irvine said, agreeing the way the Gloria Jean's business ran reflected the principles of Hillsong.Gloria Jean's also has a training centre next door to the Hillsong complex at Baulkham Hills.From the street, common folk can catch a glimpse of the roof tiles and masses of concrete that have gone into building the 1379 square metre home, which is now estimated to be worth $35 million.Designed by Michael Suttor, the new abode is built on the site of two houses Banks bought for $14 million in 2001 and is next door to the Pizza Hut-style dwelling of the Westfield billionaire Frank Lowy, which has had its own touch-up with the addition of a staffroom in the roof space.

Rising from the lush harbourfront gardens, the cranes are the most obvious evidence that Sydney's wealthiest are trying to outdo one another in the mega mansion stakes, building homes worth $35 million or more.The quaint, handwritten sign hanging off the wire fence surrounding the Banks's pile, which names the multi-millionaire as the owner/builder, belies the scale of what lies beyond the street frontage.Banks did not want to discuss the house, but we can tell you the five-storey complex, cheekily dubbed The Vatican, features its own theatre, butler's pantry, glass-roofed dining room, linen chute, cellar, sauna and shower area, staff quarters, art gallery, gym, library, six bedrooms, lift and a circular stone staircase.Meanwhile, Thorpie was looking anything but broken-hearted at the swanky Greek restaurant Omega on Thursday.

Ever the fashion plate, he was wearing a Mykonos-inspired ensemble comprising a neutral leather jacket, linen trousers, leather thongs and designer stubble.

And next to his new home, cruelly dubbed Aussie Stadium by some neighbours, is the new joint of car dealer Neville Crichton.