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For the project, Kaman chose a small team of aerospace engineers and technicians, several of whom were woodworking hobbyists as well.One of these was Charles Mc Donough, who created the Ovation Adamas model.There are also separate charts for Adamas and Collector's series guitars.Find where your serial number fits into the range in the left column, then match it up with the year in the right column. The latter are also well known for the use of carbon fiber tops (instead of the typically wood tops for acoustic guitars).

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The company's Ovation and Adamas guitars are known for their round backs, which gives them a recognizable shape.Their first prototype had a conventional "dreadnought" body, with parallel front and back perpendicular to the sides.The innovation was the use of a thinner, synthetic back, because of its foreseen acoustic properties.Note that you will only be able to date your Ovation guitar if it was built in the U. The charts on Ovation will help you identify when your guitar was made, from when the company began in 1966 to the present. Hover your mouse over the "support" button, then click on the FAQs button once the drop-down box appears.

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    Ovation Labels. The label inside the Ovation guitar carries with it quite some history. The design and information contained on the label has changed considerably. Below are some examples of Ovation labels from the various production periods. The serial numbers were either hand written or typed in black or red ink.…
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    The first Ovation electric-acoustic guitar appeared in the late-'60s after the closing of Charles Kaman's helicopter design firm. Borrowing from his blade designs, Kamen built innovative guitars with rounded composite plastic backs and Sitka spruce tops. These synthetic backs and patented electronics earned Ovation a.…
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    The dates in this chronology reflect actual appearances of models, determined from price lists and the recollections of sales representatives and dealers. Charles Kaman chose a small team of aerospace engineers and technicians, several of whom were woodworking hobbyists as well, to work to invent a new guitar.…