Ninjatrader charts not updating

Move your mouse up and down while holding the CTRL key down and you will see the chart change.

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The best time to day trade the stock market is the first hour after the open, from AM EST to AM EST.For better performance, traders should only have the necessary charts open.Chart Properties ​A price chart can be customized to reflect the trader's style and color preferences.I checked to make sure that default 24/7 and 125 days were selected. If not, you have to manually do it by using your mouse. Brad The problem is in the apex pattern indicator initial start position.

To do this hold the CTRL key down and left click your mouse on the numbers scale on the right side. When you have a chart that does this go to the list of indicators that you have on the chart and select the apex pattern indicator and look on the right side for parameters 02 and change the setting from up to down. You can test this by removing the apex pattern from the chart and seeing what it looks like without the apex pattern.

Right-click on any price chart and select "Properties," use the default CTRL T Hot Key, or click on the Properties icon at the top of the chart, to customize the visual display settings of the chart.

Ninjatrader charts not updating comments

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