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The Moscow Kremlin, to give it its full name, was built for Vladimir the Great between the 14th and 17th centuries by Russian and Italian architects and is the oldest part of Russia’s capital, a complex of buildings overlooking the Moskva River.The gold-domed Church of the Archangel was built between 15 and many Russian tsars and princes were buried there, while during the same time period the 82 meter high Ivan the Great Bell Tower was constructed, the focal point of the Kremlin buildings.The curtain finally came up on the $700 million project in 2011 and saw it restored to its pre-revolution opulence. and architecture and beautiful skies.” Here are some of her top recommendations.It was a meticulous task, with dried red beetles imported from South America to dye velvet on the auditorium’s seats their original 19th century color and fir and papier-mache panels used to improve its acoustics. Entering Cafe Pushkin, a 24-hour restaurant 1.5 kilometers north of Red Square, is like stepping back into pre-revolutionary Russia, but in fact it was only founded in 1999.And I guess that's why it's so meaningful as well.” Tourists can visit different buildings in the Kremlin complex, including the Armoury Chamber, a green-roofed “treasure house” showing 4,000 exhibits, the cathedrals and palaces and the Ivan the Great Bell Tower. Housing five palaces and four cathedrals, it is Europe's largest fortress, home to the federal government.The Kremlin is often used to mean the office of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and even though it’s his official residence, he lives outside the city in his sprawling Novo-Ogaryovo home, commuting to the capital via a route closed to other traffic when necessary.Vodianova’s home town of Nizhny Novgorod is sometimes referred to as Russia’s third capital, and while it is not as well-known as Moscow (400 kilometers to its west) and St.Petersburg, next year the spotlight will be on Nizhny as one of the host cities of soccer’s World Cup.

In 2005 the theater closed for a complete refurbishment, described on its website as a “colossal, world-level project,” which ended up being beset by problems, missing its original 2008 reopening deadline.Inside, there are nine elaborately decorated chapels and a small garden.he Bolshoi Company - which produces both opera and ballet performances - was founded by Catherine the Great in 1776, making it one of the oldest entertainment companies in the world. It’s a place whose residents are reclaiming and resuming their heritage, a world of classics; from art to architecture to literature and music.

Some 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, around 35 million tourists visit Russia, and many of them start with its capital.

It is now the main meeting place for Muscovites and home to numerous festivals, concerts and the iconic Victory Day Parade held every May that showcases Russia's military might. And I guess, yes it's very inspiring,” Vodianova told “Trailblazers”.