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In addition, Ti Vo allows consumers to expand the storage capacity by plugging an external hard drive into the set-top box.By adding 1TB of recording space, that allows the consumer to record an additional 140 hours of high definition video.To watch programming, users can access the content through their television using the Boxee TV hardware.In addition, Boxee TV owners can stream content outside of the home on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.However, the premium service includes a program guide to help schedule recordings, offers season pass options for recording full seasons of specific shows and allows users to stream recorded content outside of the home’s wireless network.

For instance, three Boxee TV devices will allow the user to record up to six shows at the same time and all of that content is tied to a single account.One current drawback of the Boxee TV is that it’s only available in a handful of U. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D. Users can sign up on the for email alerts sent when the service is available in their area.Easily one of the cheaper DVR solutions for the home, the Boxee TV is a flexible device that offers mobile streaming, multiple tuners and a smattering of extra streaming video applications.In addition, recent set-top DVR solutions are transitioning into the mobile space and will easily allow you to watch recorded shows on your smartphone and tablet while spending time away from home.

Moving to a new DVR system within the home also allows consumers to stop paying additional rental fees for DVR hardware on their monthly cable or satellite bill.

Easily the most seasoned veteran in the DVR category, the Ti Vo brand is known for an extremely as well as excellent software features that include show recommendations.