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Also, during the loan period you will have the loss of potential growth on your retirement funds.Keep in mind that most 401K proceeds are protected assets if you end up having to file for bankruptcy so you want to consider these options carefully.There are more fees, but I did not take time to tease them all out.They seem high and that's the only thing that matters to me.You may want to consider liquidating any assets you have and using that money to help pay down your debts.The basic definition of an asset is anything that can be sold or converted into cash.Before having begun to buy real estate, BHOR spent roughly 10% of their investors' capital.

is likely worth more in liquidation than its share price.While there is usually no penalty for withdrawals taken on your contributed funds, if the account has been opened for five years, there may be a penalty if taking out capital gains.This can be a good option if you are paying a much higher interest rate on your debt than you are making on your IRA investments.We pay our property manager and affiliate of our Advisor, Behringer Harvard Opportunity Management Services, LLC or its affiliates (collectively, "BH Property Management"), fees for management, leasing and maintenance supervision of our properties.