Law mandating auto parts availability

There has been pushback, but the current crisis makes it likely that some form of regulation comes into play.

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A warming climate bites in two ways – one, the rainfall will significantly decline, making droughts like the current one more likely and, two, the higher temperatures means a greater fraction of the water in the reservoirs will be lost to evaporation.I have profiled their work in my forthcoming book in a chapter of how cities can adapt to a world with less water.Simply put, the town ensured usage was metered (thus paid for and wasteful use reduced) and leaks were arrested. Non-Revenue Water (NRW, or water that was not paid for – either lost to leaks, stolen or not billed) reduced from over 30 percent in 2007 to 20.2 percent in 2012. The world average for NRW is over 35 percent, and Cape Town’s demand management has allowed it to stave off "Day Zero” for so many years.” But try telling this story – to scrounge and scrape and plan one’s life around collecting and using water – to the poorest in Indian cities, they will simply shrug their shoulders – this is life. Indeed, many of India’s citizens have been living in "Day Zero" for years. Cape Town has done many things right, fantastically right, and they are still looking at "Day Zero" in the face.

It has long known that it did not have enough water to meet its future needs.

Naturally, opposition politics laced with racial undertones in a country harbouring deep racial wounds makes securing the centre’s agreement challenging.