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I hope to God that the female completes the job, with a little help from us (putting out live food).However, I'm sure that if the worse happens, I will feel compelled to do whatever it takes to let them survive. Another one is also looking very weak and not feeding well.The babies have been coming out of the bird box in a attempt to fly. We've put worms into the bird box a few times today but we just dont have enough to feed them. thanks louisemy family found 4 baby yellow vinchs on 31st of may and they were in a bird house in are garden and 2 of them died in a drain and two of them were in the house still and one flyed out on my hand and and there mum feed the two chicks and can i ask you will their mum stay with them unil there old enough to go away on there own because they might have humam smell on them from ella29/05/2008 Thursday: Well a very overdue needed update, Only have Rambo & Faith now, both on a diet of dog food, wet dog biscuits, mealworms & chick rearing food.The chicks have always had plenty of water to keep them hydrated, just seemed to have a bit of a flat spot from the mealworm diet.With a slightly less then average clutch size, the average is between 7 and 13 eggs, the incubation period of 14 days began with the blue tit hatchlings beginning to emerge mid-May:"The first one hatched just after pm on 12th May," says Dave, "followed by the other four all in the same day.""She left the nest at about am, on Saturday morning, came back but then left again for good at am," says Dave."They don't normally leave the nest for longer then an hour, maximum."So, I'm sorry to have to say that we have not only lost the mother but also the oldest chick. With five chicks remaining it was left to the male blue tit to feed the brood: So at pm, on Saturday night, Dave decided to step in and bring the nest box indoors to feed and keep them warm:"They are feeding very well on mealworms from me," says Dave.Not only do you help me online and many others all the time, you are now helping these wonderful little birds and doing a fantastic job.I think it is just great what you are doing.21/05/2008 Wednesday: Sadly we have lost the runt of the fledglings, being just after am Tuesday morning.

She roosted in the box for the first night on 11th April and the first egg was laid overnight just 12 days later.

So far hes been eating maggots every 30mins however after reading this i'll up it to 15mins. great tits have built a perfect nest in the nesting box in my garde,they started building about early may,i went on holiday on the 20th may and she was in the box over night,i came back on the 29th of may and ther is no sign of the birds but the nest is in tact and in great condition,please help,sorry i cant help dave this is my first venture into bird lifehi we have a blue tit nest under our roof tiles outside of our balcony door we can only just see in it, and have seen a few beaks but can hear chicks we think approx 1 week old all was well both parents feeding and now yesterday i found one on the balcony floor just under the nest i thought maybe a bigger chick had pushed it out now today we have found one on our decking underneath our balcony we can only think that a parent has taken this one out as it is too far away to fall. u anne says i am scared for the little one when i do put him/her out in ti the wild they will probley die?