Is taylor lautner really dating lily collins

Her long list of boyfriends starts with the American Special Effects Professional, Riley Harper. Both being the members of same industry, they seemed happy in their relationship.Despite being same age and industry, they failed to keep their relationship.She’s really focused on her work right now," a source said to .If they're still friendly that leaves hope for a possible reconciliation, right?

And after landing a leading role in the new action thriller opposite Taylor, it’s thought things got steamy on set, after the pair hit it off, and turned their friendship into romance. “Prince Charming is someone that can make you laugh no matter what,” Collins, 22, told reporters Tuesday during a press conference for the film in Los Angeles.“The thought of them makes you smile.” So does Efron fit the bill?While we want to get our hopes up, that seems super unlikely since Billie has gone ahead and deleted every trace of her time with Tay from her Instagram.

Her feed was once was flooded with adorable selfies from their many adventures but now, every trace of #couplegoals is gone. Besides the fact that we all went ahead (and by we, I mean myself) and got emotionally attached to this celeb couple, this breakup goes deeper.

‘He bought Lily a chicken salad while about 15 teen fans stood by asking him for autographs.