Intimidating body posture

Did you know that looking a person directly in the eye is intimidating?Or that if you are introverted you could be sending the wrong message to your boss about your confidence and capabilities? Lillian Glass, how you carry yourself can drastically impact a first impression at work.

Your interviewer or supervisor may not consciously recognize your style of dress, but as a nonverbal cue, your attire could leave them with a subconscious impression. As with most meetings in corporate America, your raise negotiation will likely begin and end with a handshake.Take note of these 11 important nonverbal cues which, if used correctly, could lead you to a higher raise.Eye contact can make or break your presence in a meeting, since it simultaneously conveys confidence, attention, and trust.“When someone is trying to make a good first impression they need to keep in mind their posture: head up, nose up and chin up,” advises Dr. “Pretend there is a string holding the crown of their head up so that they don’t let their head fall down.” Mistake #2: Hunching over Like your grandmother used to say, “Stand up straight.” Good posture and a strong stance projects openness and a willingness to work.

Even if your office environment is casual and full of hipsters, good posture is a must.

A good rule of thumb is to take situational cues by mirroring the handshake you are given.