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Through Lucas and Nathan, she also becomes close friends with Tree Hill High cheerleaders, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis.Nathan and Haley struggle against various hardships while trying to realize their personal dreams of basketball and music.

When Haley returns; the couple remains separated because Nathan distrusts her and Haley moves in with Brooke, becoming a Tree Hill High cheerleader in the process.Haley is initially introduced as Lucas Scott's best friend and eventual sister-in-law, upon her marriage to Nathan Scott, in their junior year of high school.Haley and Nathan have two children together, James "Jamie" Lucas Scott and Lydia Bob Scott.Haley is angry to learn that Nathan initially only came after her because he wanted to get back at Lucas but when Nathan proves her that he's not that guy anymore, she forgives him.

Haley also becomes friends with Peyton, who she initially disliked, and counsels Peyton as she and Lucas find themselves caught up in a love triangle with Brooke Davis.

In high school, she joins the cheerleading squad due to the desperate asking of her close friend and roommate Brooke Davis and as a way to stay close to Nathan during their trial separation.

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