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The water at the prison was shut off without notice, Hartvikson writes in his four-page letter, and the ceilings in our cells started leaking, causing dirty water to pool up on our floors.

Us inmates knew we were in trouble when breakfast consisting of 2 boiled eggs and a piece of cornbread were delivered to our cells. The conditions Hartvikson allege are anything but reasonable or safe.The Category 4 storm made landfall in Rockport, a small town on the Gulf Coast on Friday, August 25.The next day, the storm slammed into Beaumont, a city of 118,000 located 85 miles east of Houston.Homicides are hard to predict and relatively rare, the report found.

In state facilities, the rate is 7 per 100,000 - about 2.4 percent of in-custody deaths.

The catastrophic flooding caused thousands to evacuate, including many state prisoners who were moved to drier and safer facilities elsewhere in the state.

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