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The trail off the backside of the summit is not obvious, but with your back to the trail you just came up, go off the backside to the right, look for a tree with a trail sign for Maki Lake.At the sign, you can go right to Maki Lake (Trail #135) or left to continue on the loop to Lake Fork (the Maki Lake Trail eventually connects up with the East Fork Lake Fork Trail.The trail passes through several meadows and stands of timber and eventually runs alongside the East Fork of Lake Fork creek.You'll cross the creek a few times, but you can keep your feet dry by rock hopping.You'll pass through a large avalanche debris field.Mc Call Smokejumpers cut out the debris in 2014 to re-establish the trail.This trail doesn't actually go to Anderson Lake, but there is a short trail off to the west that will take you down to the lake, if you'd like to explore this rather scenic destination.The pass below Boulder Mountain is at 7,777' and provides a great view of Boulder Lake, the Rapid Creek drainage, and Buckhorn Mountain.

Early in the summer, your feet will get wet crossing a couple of small creeks.The Wind River Range (or "Winds" for short), is a mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in western Wyoming in the United States.The range runs roughly NW-SE for approximately 100 miles (161 km).The rest of this description is for the East Fork Lake Fork Trail #104.

After half a mile, the grade eases off and it becomes a nice gentle, well-established downhill trail.

This trail provides an excellent way to get to Boulder Lake, especially if you are carrying some fly fishing gear. There are a couple of steep climbs that mellow out afterwards.