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It’s therefore hardly surprising that to this day Nuwara Eliya goes by the name of Little England.However even in tea utopia there were occasional hazards such as the threat of robberies and hold-ups.By the time the trade took off in Ceylon, tea was in great demand in Britain and prices were high.The likes of Lipton therefore made it a far more accessible beverage for one and all and opened the door wide for the industry’s expansion.In the latter half of the 19th century, many enterprising tea speculators arrived in Ceylon, most notably John Shelton Agar, an Irishman from County Kerry who insisted on bringing along his pack of foxhounds, and created the Agar Estate in the country's sweeping hills.Henry Randolph Trafford, another entrepreneur and coffee planter, switched allegiance to tea when it became evident that the coffee trade could no longer survive the devastating effects of the blight that had ravaged the crop in the central mountains and southern foothills.She depicts a fiercely English way of life played out on estates dotted with quaint stone residences, clubhouses and golf courses built in the previous century.Domestic staff prepared typically British menus and socialising involved tea and dinner parties at which the senior planters and their wives played games and sang old English ditties.

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He was credited with bringing tea to the masses by offering value-for-money produce sold in convenient pre-packaged cartons.Coffee estate owners left in droves, selling their land for rock bottom prices to the newly arrived tea planters.The high altitude and lush green terrain of the country’s mountainous region with its waterfalls, streams and cool pure air offered ideal conditions for the production of tea.The problem proved so severe that armed convoys were necessary for the transport of wages from central distribution points to the tea estates each month.

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