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Their main distinction from active jamming stations is that they are fully integrated and contiguous with the entire avionics of an aircraft, a helicopter or a drone In case of any danger, the route can be corrected to prevent the defended plane from entering the zone of fire engagement and ensure electromagnetic impairment (suppression) of an enemy’s most dangerous air defense weapons and aircraft while increasing the combat effectiveness of its own means of destruction.This is achieved through the use of more powerful transmitters and more effective antenna systems.The technology also offers advantages in terms of the number of objectives that are impaired and the possibility of its more effective combat use through a flexible structure of commanding both EW systems and individual military hardware items functioning autonomously and as part of contiguous pairs As former Electronic Warfare Chief of the Russian Air Force and currently adviser to the First Deputy CEO of Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET, part of state hi-tech corporation Rostec) Vladimir Mikheyev told TASS, the aircraft’s survivability increases by 20-25 times with modern EW platforms.Busan Jungbu police said Thursday that the 21-year-old suspect struck up an acquaintance with the alleged victim, 24, through an online dating app.