Dating house bricks

Before drying out, the finished walls are smoothed down.Often a clay render is applied as a surface coating.Or all the way through to the construction and the completion of the internal finishes.Bricks which form all or part of a building may have their date fixed by the history of the building.Making use of Adobe bricks is probably one of the simplest forms of earth building.Adobe walls have a number of advantages and relatively few disadvantages.Adobe bricks (mud bricks) are made of earth with a fairly high clay content and straw.

We are specialized in this technique and have many years' experience.With a few exceptions, raw materials and firing temperatures have remained the much same for hundreds of years.What pointers there are merely typify a particular period, rather than confirm it.In New Zealand it wasn't possible to buy commercially made adobes until the setting up of an adobe brick manufacturing yard in Nelson in 1992.

SOLID EARTH LTD take pride in manually producing high quality adobe bricks since 1998.

Adobe brick building is an ancient technique common in the Americas and the Middle East.

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    Bricks and concrete blocks are some of the oldest and most reliable of building products. Bricks were first used 5,000 years ago and were made from dirt using straw as a binder.…