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The Super-109, in the middle, out lasted the other two major types of Super Adjustable.It was later reincarnated in 1977 with a less expensive black pastic bottom plate with the same vertical knurling.And, finally of the major type Chrome Toggle there are gold and a nickel plated sub-types.This gives five (5) "from-the-factory" different models of Gillette Toggles and they are pictured here.The top row is the Serial Toggles; the middle row is the Standard Toggle; and the bottom row are the Chrome Toggles.As far as rarity, the Red Dot Fatboy is far less common than the other types of Fatboys.On the Serial Toggle, the bottom plate does the blade adjusting and on the Standard Toggle the base plate/blade bed does the blade adjusting.

The following photos show the internal parts of two types of Toggle razors and their major part names. Notice with the Serial Toggle on the left that the base plate/blade bed and bottom plate are a major design difference to the Standard Toggle on the right.ON PKG." while the Serial Toggle has no stamping on the blade tray.And finally, the Serial Toggle has a serial number stamped on the base plate; the Standard Toggle and the Chrome Toggles have their date codes stamped there. So when you include "from-the-factory" plating differences there are two additional sub-types of Toggles.In order to make the site a more valuable resource to our users, I have started putting a "Recent Sales:" section at the end of most of the razor pages.

In this way, not only can you see pictures of excellent examples of the various razors but you can estimate their value from how much they are selling for.

It is not unheard of for a single uncased nickel 1-9 Bottom Dial to go for over $2000 at auction.

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