Dating during recovery

The idea of starting fresh with someone new can be almost overwhelming, but, getting into a new relationships in recovery is a bad idea on so many levels. A recovering addict just like a new born child needs to learn to crawl before he can walk and needs to walk before he can run.In other words, you need to concentrate on you and your own emotional growth and development before you can hope to grow in a relationship with someone else.The last reason, is that in most cases those who are in the first stages of recovery are still focusing on healing the damage they caused in their past relationships and taking accountability for their mistakes.Not only is this part of your healing process but, it also will teach you some new and valuable skills in dealing with new relationships and the more skills you develop now the better chance a new relationship will have to succeed.Take things slowly and make sure you can handle the ups and downs of the relationship.Getting clean and sober after years of using alcohol or drugs to deaden pain and hide behind can be an exhilarating experience. For some it is like coming out of a cocoon or being reborn.

My question is true that I can't date for a year?If I wasn't a "low bottom" alcoholic or someone that was in a really bad state, does that make a difference?I would like to put myself out there in the New Year but respect your advice and knowledge. It is hard to put a specific time frame to your recovery.AA recommends that members be in recovery at least a year before starting a new relationship.