Dating customs poland

Also due to Catholic influence, marriage in Poland is not merely a romantic bond – it is also a duty to the Church and society since one of the main purposes of marriage is procreation.Therefore if you are not ready to settle down and have kids, it is better you discuss these issues early on in a relationship with a Polish guy.In Poland, the family is fundamental to people’s lives and society, grounding individuals. The extended family is often considered close family, as well as any long-term boyfriends or girlfriends of children.The elderly are usually very involved with their grandchildren’s lives.So if you detest ‘womanly’ jobs such as cooking and cleaning, think carefully before taking a Polish guy as a partner.However in recent times, there have been significant changes in social mores and attitudes.All this to not to mean that you should stop being who you are at heart, but consider it a part of the value system that Polish men grow up with.Also women here are the traditional keepers of the home and caretakers of the family.