Dating and mate selection in the industrial world

Polygyny, as a family form, is well suited to a shifting agricultural system using abundant low-yielding communal land farmed by labour-intensive technologies (Caldwell and Caldwell 199()).Each additional wife and her children permit the family to farm more territory and to achieve economies of scale in domestic labour and trade.Pre-modern families Early hunting-and-gathering societies appear to have lived first in small nomadic bands and later, in some locations, in larger, more settled, and hierarchically organized communities (Wenke 1984). Kung, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, and others whose lifestyles have remained relatively intact into recorded history, small kin groups of hunter-gatherers tended to be cooperative and relatively egalitarian.Although marital partnerships were formed, hunter-gatherer bands valued compatibility among their members more highly than continuous co-residence with a single band, and individuals might fluidly move from one related band to another (Quale 1988).According to Quale (1988), it may not be reasonable to assume that all early agricultural societies fit this model, when agriculture evolved in rich localized topsoil deposits of annually flooding rivers.Monogamous marriage, with strong cultural safeguards for the sexual fidelity of women, is important for the maintenance of traditional subsistence agriculture on privately owned farms.They have been idealized by ecologists for holding values of living in harmony with other life forms instead of striving to dominate and exploit them.However, the integration of such families into modern life tends to be a long and difficult process.

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Sexual fidelity of the wives is not a top priority, and all children born to a man's wives are legally his.

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    Consistent with the theory of natural selection, evolutionary psychology sees humans. from cultures around the world to assess. of mate selection.…