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I’m attractive and I notice guys checking me out—making the gym a second home does have benefits! We make a lot of eye contact while we work out, and some days he’ll walk by my treadmill and awkwardly smile, but we’ve talked only once. Don’t you hate it when you’re working on a column that’s way overdue and you have a horrible headache and you grab the bottle of pills from your suitcase—a travel selection of Excedrins, Advils, and 222s—and you pour the pills into your hand and pick out a couple of 222s (they’re the ones that don’t have an “E” on them and aren’t green) and you toss the 222s in your mouth while you click through a few e-mails and then nearly choke to death? And don’t you hate it even more when you’re sitting there wondering how you nearly choked to death on a couple of 222s—they’re skinny! —and then you remember that your boyfriend put four of his massive, easy-to-choke-on Vicodins in with your pills the last time he came along on a trip? But before we begin: My apologies to anyone unlucky enough to find their letter in this week’s column.OK, PSGWAC, a lot of guys—fine and otherwise—have been led to believe that hitting on girls who aren’t in bars or on personals websites is tantamount to sexual harassment.When we met, he weighed about 140 pounds, which wasn’t bad on his five-feet-ten frame. I know I should just be a grown-up and tell him that it would improve our sex life if he lost the weight. My husband knows and has been nothing short of wonderful, understanding, and caring about it since the beginning.Due to my issues, he would never make a disparaging comment about my weight—so how can I make one about his? It feels so horrible and shallow to say, but I just want to be fucked by someone who isn’t so fat.

So I’m thinking Fine Boy is either a nice, polite, clueless straight dude who doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or he’s a fag who stares because he thinks your skin is flawless and is sincerely curious about what product you use in your hair.Look around the tech department of your theater program, SA, and if you see someone in paint-spattered jeans, carrying a power tool, with a pack of smokes tucked in a back pocket, ask that butch dyke out. —Dan I’m the type of guy who always has a lot to drink because I need to have the courage to hit on girls and also because I don’t want to look like one of those assholes who stays sober so he can have the pick of the most wasted girls.However, when I do end up with a girl in my bed, I can’t get it up.Here’s how you find out whether Fine Boy is straight and polite or gay and product-curious: Approach Fine Boy—take it from me, nothing makes you seem more approachable than physically approaching someone—and tell him you’d love to hang out sometime outside the gym, outside your clothes, etc., and see what he says. The most stereotypical gay thing about me is that I’m a musical-theater major.

But I can fix a car, I don’t enjoy dancing (in clubs), I hate the bar scene, and I never use the word “fabulous.” I’m not attracted to faggy men.

—Dan I am a woman in my early 20s and I have been in a happy hetero relationship for several years. I should also mention that, unlike other foot fetishists, he enjoys being in control, i.e., tying me up, holding me down, etc.

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