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Fitness centers are a great way to meet new friends and to build a community. There is no food I hear more about in Fresno than the bread pudding at Cracked Pepper. This is Fresno’s other big player in small venue concerts.People go there for this alone, and they even order it as takeout. It’s known for bringing in some top touring acts you hear on the radio, both rising stars and classic acts. enjoy the beer garden and hear music at Gazebo Gardens.Towards this common goal, housekeeping services are scheduled based on the number of nights you will be staying with us. This deposit will be used to guarantee incidental charges that may be incurred during your stay, if any, as well as damages to the guest room. Upon check-out, the room deposit will first apply to outstanding incidental charges, and all or a portion may be retained to cover damages to the room during your stay.

Every week The Bee publishes dozens of items on a 20-page print section highlighting things to do near Fresno, and we share it all over social media. Still, I shouldn’t have been surprised when that “nothing to do” sentiment cropped up again a couple weeks ago at a dinner party I attended.

Refunds over $100.00 will be mailed by check within 14 days of departure.