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"Health center." A facility which: (1) is operated by a nonprofit corporation and: (i) provides health care services to the public; (ii) provides health care-related services or assistance to one or more organizations in aid of the provision of health care services to the public, including, without limitation, such facilities as blood banks, laboratories, research and testing facilities, medical and administrative office buildings and ancillary facilities; (iii) constitutes an integrated facility which provides substantial health care services on a nonsectarian basis and other reasonably related services, including, without limitation, life care or continuing care communities and nursing, personal care or assisted living facilities for the elderly, handicapped or disabled; or (iv) provides educational and counseling services regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health care problems; and (2) if required by law to be licensed to provide such services by the Department of Health, the Department of Public Welfare or the Insurance Department, is so licensed or, in the case of a facility to be constructed, renovated or expanded, is designed to comply with applicable standards for such licensure. Exemption from taxation and payments in lieu of taxes. "Financing," "to finance" or "financed." The lending or providing of funds to or on behalf of a person for payment of the costs of a project or for refinancing such costs, repayment of loans previously incurred to pay the cost of a project or otherwise. An authority created under the laws of the Commonwealth and existing at the time this chapder is enacted, in addition to powers granted or conferred upon the authority, shall possess all the powers provided under this chapter. In the case of a municipality seeking to become a member of the authority, the application shall set forth all of the information required in the case of original incorporation insofar as it applies to the incoming municipality, including the name and address and term of office of the first member or members of the board of the authority from the incoming municipality and, if there is to be a reapportionment of representation or revision of the terms of office of the members of the board, the names, addresses and terms of office of all the members of the board as so reapportioned or revised. Any change in the location of the principal office shall likewise be certified to the Secretary of the Commonwealth within ten days after such change. (d) Filing an application to withdraw or join.--On or before the day specified in the notice, the municipal authorities shall file an application with the Secretary of the Commonwealth together with proof of publication of the notice required under subsection (c).

(c) Execution and verification.--After an amendment has been adopted by the municipality or municipalities, articles of amendment shall be executed under the seal of the authority and verified by two duly authorized officers of the corporation and shall set forth: (1) The name and location of the registered office of the authority. "Municipality." A county, city, town, borough, township or school district of the Commonwealth. (b) General notice of adopted resolution.--If the resolution or ordinance is adopted, the municipal authorities of such municipality or municipalities shall cause a notice of such resolution or ordinance to be published at least one time in the legal periodical of the county or counties in which the authority is to be organized and at least one time in a newspaper published and in general circulation in such county or counties. "Municipal authority." The body or board authorized by law to enact ordinances or adopt resolutions for the particular municipality. of "authority" and "provide financing for insurance reserves," retroactive to June 19, 2001. of "authority," was repealed by the act of June 19, 2001 (P. The Department of Public Welfare, referred to in this section, was redesignated as the Department of Human Services by Act 132 of 2014. Section 5602 is referred to in section 1201.3 of Title 8 (Boroughs and Incorporated Towns). No such resolution or ordinance shall be adopted until after a public hearing has been held, the notice of which shall be given at least 30 days before the hearing and in the same manner as provided in subsection (b) for the giving of notice of the adoption of the resolution or ordinance. "Provide financing for insurance reserves." Financing, on behalf of one or more local government units or authorities, all or any portion of a reserve or a contribution toward a combined reserve, pool or other arrangement relating to self-insurance which has been established by one or more local government units pursuant to 42 Pa. "Working capital." Shall include, but not be limited to, funds for supplies, materials, services, salaries, pensions and any other proper operating expenses, provided that the term shall be limited solely to hospitals and health centers, and private, nonprofit, nonsectarian colleges and universities, State-related universities and community colleges, which are determined by the authority to be eligible educational institutions. In the case of authorities created for the purpose of making business improvements or providing administrative services, if appropriate, the notice shall specifically provide that the municipality or municipalities have retained the right which exists under this chapter to approve any plan of the authority.

"Project." Equipment leased by an authority to the municipality or municipalities that organized it or to any municipality or school district located wholly or partially within the boundaries of the municipality or municipalities that organized it, or any structure, facility or undertaking which an authority is authorized to acquire, construct, finance, improve, maintain or operate, or provide financing for insurance reserves under the provisions of this chapter, or any working capital which an authority is authorized to finance under the provisions of this chapter. § 8564 (relating to liability insurance and self-insurance) up to, but not exceeding, the amount provided in section 8007 (relating to cost of project). The notice shall contain a brief statement of the substance of the resolution or ordinance, including the substance of the articles making reference to this chapter.

"Federal agency." The United States of America, the President of the United States of America and any department of or corporation, agency or instrumentality created, designated or established by the United States of America.

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