Cameo doll and markings and dating

Bay Keramik: Started by Eduard Bay in 1933; note that it's not correct that Bay stopped art pottery production in 1971; some art production continued into the 1980s, including some striking works...some not so striking.Bay's best known designer was Bodo Mans, and it's common for many items to be attributed to him just because the name is known, but be sure those attributions are documented, not simply assumed.Decoration usually involves staining rather than glazing with part of the design created by cutting through to reveal the clay, but keep in mind that not all red or red-orange clays are "klinker".At one time, only a few klinker companies were documented, but many more are now known.However, they also produced a huge amount of kitsch, tourist ware and designs of questionable aesthetic value. Carstens: The Carstens Tönnieshof factory started in the 1950s and focused on a high quality product.

As more items are properly attributed to ES, their status continues to rise.However, better research revealed that they were a major company that did some of the best work of the 1960s and 70s.Be aware that many Marei items are still incorrectly attributed to Roth (and that company is a much smaller factor than once believed).In addition to new forms and glazes, they have also released contemporary versions of some older glazes, generally less refined than the originals, and they have been reproducing the Ruscha bull and some other early shapes for several years.

The later versions can usually be distinguished by the glaze.

Gräflich: Graflich items are not as well known or as numerous as some of the best known companies, but they made some lovely jewel tone glazes and an interesting volcanic variant where the volcanic glaze is the underglaze, bubbling through in patches.

Cameo doll and markings and dating comments

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