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The cutter is full length, has the original grind, and carries the AA Sweetheart era logo dating this plane from 1923 - 1935. The front knob looks great noting one small hairline in the wood at the base.The heavily grained Rosewood handle and knob look great and both have 99% of their original finish. One of the frog screws looks to be a replacement, but it threads in and tightens properly.Very very few #1 planes are known with a banjo cap. The sides have a couple of small insignificant patches of pitting. From the logo on the cutter it looks to date from near the turn of the century. The tag the collector made out indicates he bought this in 1987.(see pics) The throat area has a tiny hairline / crack behind the cutter that is stable. He determined from the notched rectangle cutter logo that it dated from after 1936. This is about the nicest Stanley #1 I have had the pleasure to offer in over 20 years. The previous owner who attended the West Coast Tool Meetings back in the heyday bought some very nice Stanley pieces, and this was his nicest buy. It has the AA trademark logo on the full length original grind cutter.It has a properly marked long cutter w/ some minor pitting at the top. This Stanley #1 smooth plane is in nice overall condition. He must have just gotten his type study and studiously noted this plane's features and his other #1's, trying to exactly type and date them. It looks to have been lapped at some point, and now 30 some years later has developed a nice even patina. The rosewood handle has nearly all of its original finish and is a light colored sap. The japanning is over 95% and the Stanley marked cap is very nice. These nice condition #1's just do not appear very often unless coming out of a collection as this one has. It was bought it back in the 80's, and I think he tried it once before putting it in a display to never be used again. It has a very nice smooth cap which would indicate this is a type 12 and so the date can be further narrowed to between 1923 & 1925 if Roger Smiths type study holds true for #1's.There are a few tool box type dings on the side walls and sole as seen in the pics. The body has been lapped and there is some ever so light pitting remaining. There are spots of minor shelf rust on the sole that will easily clean, and no pitting to speak of. A top shelf example nice enough for any collection. The throat is correct, and there is no rust or pitting, just a nice even patina on the body. The worst anyone could say about it is that the finish on the handle has some minor crazing. I have has slightly later #1's with the Stanley cap and so this makes sense.This Stanley #1 smooth plane is in nice overall condition.This later #1 Stanley has the notched rectangle logo on the cutter and dates from after 1936.

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The sides still show the original milling and just a few minor stains.The handle and knob had been painted red at one time and most of the original finish was lost removing that.The throat has a tiny imperfection, like a 1/32 I have pictured.Prices seen span a long period of time and may not reflect current values. On some pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.

The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page.

A nice example that will be the highlight of any Stanley plane or tool collection.