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What this usually means is that our character is not in the Main Hall, but is off somewhere else in the palaceor the city.Being away/in cup is what shows others that our character is not in the Main Hall.For instance, you cannot role-play in the Empire of Nevereskaya chat room, in cup, if your character is in the city of Erengrad, Saint Alexiiburg, etc.There are separate chat rooms pre-made for storylines that take place in other areas of the world.The use of OOC is not entirely forbidden because there are times when it is necessary, but should OOC be used when there is not adequate reason to use it.If you have something OOC to say to someone, then take it to whisper or IM (instant messenger). Players who are caught speaking or auctioning OOC under a character name, too often, will be banned from the chat room until further notice.Below are links to pictures with brief room titles and explanations of what each looks like when your character is in it.For other rooms and places not listed, you are free to use your imagination.

Always try first to find out the setting of the chat room you would like to role-play within, before going in with a line that will make little to no sense.Never go as far as putting a chariot or a Roman bathhouse in a place where there likely would never be one. You must also remember never to role-play an event, create an object, etc. Always stick to the time period, what exists and what does not, the way characters dress, what they do to provide light, heat, etc.The majority of the time, the use of OOC (out of character) conversation—and even actions—is a big no-no in our role-playing chat rooms.If you are over eighteen years of age and are interested in erotic writing, come write with us.

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