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He said importing recyclable waste caused the industry to ignore similar materials at home.“The potential of locally-disposed recyclables has long been overlooked,” he noted.Making China more environmentally friendly Mao has urged Chinese environmental officials to enforce policies that require people to recycle and sort solid waste.But some in the waste processing industry say China already recycles all it can and the ban will have no effect.Jason Wang is general secretary of the China Scrap Plastics Association.He said, “With or without the ban and before 2017, any waste in China that was recyclable and of economic value had been fully recycled.” Feng Juan disagrees.More The Global Business Policy Council’s National Transformations Institute is dedicated to helping senior government and business leaders to anticipate and steer the diverse and accelerating transformations that are happening across the globe, based on rigorous strategic foresight.More A joint report from the World Economic Forum and A. Kearney measures 100 countries based on how well prepared they are for the future of manufacturing production, and looks at what policymakers and business leaders can do to navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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Das DBF findet in Metropolen auf der ganzen Welt statt.

China has stopped importing some kinds of recyclable materials.